How to monitor vaccines using a Raspberry Pi PLC

Monitoring of the temperature to which vaccines are exposed using Industrial Automation Controllers ­čĹç

Monitoring the temperature to which the vaccines

Pharmaceutical laboratories

Pfizer and Moderna pharmaceutical laboratories have confirmed that they are close to finding the first vaccine against COVID-19. Both companies have been the first to announce the preliminary results of the Phase 3 trials of their respective vaccines.

They claim that the new drug is highly effective against a virus that has caused more than 55 million infections and 1.3 million deaths worldwide.

2020 has been a year to record in the history books. 

The COVID-19 virus, which started as a simple flu, has become one of the most infectious and dangerous pandemics in history. More than 55 million people worldwide have been infected, while experts were unable to control the situation.

Recently, two pharmaceutical companies have found the first vaccine using the messenger RNA method, which could be more than 90 % effective.

However, these vaccines must be kept under strict conditions in order not to go bad.

Pharmaceutical laboratories


The messenger RNA, which is very susceptible to degradation, can be implemented in different ways; depending on the concentration of RNA, it must be preserved at one temperature or another.

As for the Pfizer vaccine, it should be kept below -80 ┬░C; while the Moderna vaccine can be between 2-8 ┬░C up to 30 days, or up to 6 months if it is below -20 ┬░C.


In order to guarantee that the drug reaches the end customer in perfect condition, it is necessary to ensure the correct distribution of the product by maintaining optimal temperature conditions for its proper preservation.  

Why Industrial Shields?

Economic savings

Thanks to the suggested solution, the customer will minimize the economic losses caused by the deterioration of the products.

Guaranteed quality

Temperature control helps the customer to keep the product in optimal conditions.

Saving time and resources

As the product is kept in optimal conditions, it is not necessary to allocate resources to the handling and disposal of products in poor condition.

Open Solution

No license fees.  The great advantage of open source based solutions is that there is no cost in licenses that can be dedicated to other resources.

Modular Solution

Expandable in the future if required by the customer.

Industrial Design

Equipment designed and manufactured for industrial use at a very competitive and affordable price, compared to existing solutions on the market.

Keep vaccines in optimal conditions with an adequate monitoring system.

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