Communications for 4.0 Industry with PLC Arduino 


Industrial Arduino for 4.0 Industry

In this case we want to show you how to implement a versatile system in terms of communication to control the storage and labeling of wine production. 

This project consists of using different Arduino PLC controllers connected using several types of communications.


Do you manage a wine factory? If you do, you will be interested in this project.

Imagine a wine factory that needs to control and monitor two rooms:

  • In the first room, there is the bottle labeling and engraving line.
  • The second room is the cellar, where the bottles are stored for later sale.

To transport the bottles from one place to another, you will need to implement a conveyor belt system capable of redirecting the bottles on different belts depending on the capacity of the racks.

This system will incorporate a server where all the data collected from the system will be stored. Then, a Panel PC that will serve as a monitoring and control point and four industrial Arduino based programmable logic controllers, in addition to sensors and peripheral devices.

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