Use Arduino PLC to send data to the Cloud 
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Industrial Arduino and Cloud Storage

Industries, abundant but still certainly rudimentary, are going to be part of a large ecosystem that must communicate, something that we already see in the rest of the sectors but that still finds resistance in this one.


The Industrial Cloud will be one of the main elements of what is already known as the fourth revolution. It will completely change the way of managing data thanks, in part, to the standardization of the Internet of Things and the hybridization of elements of reality.

This virtual space works by hiring certain services, each of which is necessary, that will allow you to manage your information and store it securely on the servers. You will have access through the use of the Internet, to different software programs, which will be the ones we use to modify our files, share them and store them safely.

At the same time, being in the Cloud, you can configure which user will be able to access, alter and edit a certain document. In this sense, it is also possible to protect confidential data with user control.

Benefits of Cloud Storage

The main benefits of the cloud storage are

  • The reduction of obstacles and barriers.

  • Considerable economic savings.

  • Increase in the speed of information transmission, one of the main problems of the industry today.

  • Compatibility with the specific demand that different industrial companies may have.

  • The information remains secure, being practically inviolable.


Do you need to send data to the Cloud? Do it with Arduino PLCs.
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