Automation of a Concrete Plant with PLC Arduino

Industrial Arduino for Concrete Plants

A concrete plant is an installation used to manufacture concrete from raw material which is composed by aggregate, cement and water. All these components are previously stored in the concrete plant, and then they are dosed in the right proportions to be mixed.

Although there are several kinds of concrete stations classified according to the type of materials used there (dry and wet concrete), our system let you implement all of them.


Replying to your requests, we have been developing a solution for the construction industry.

Using industrial PLC technics and Arduino automation, we will be able to create a model of concrete plant that could be easily replicated and adjusted to the different kinds  of concrete (dry and wet).

The aim of this project is:

  • to get the most out of it, 
  • to save cycle time, 
  • not to have to act manually in the process,
  • to have an industrial monitoring  
  • to send all the information to the cloud so that we can make a forecast of the raw materials that we need.
Automatization of a Concrete Plant with PLC Arduino


Automatization of a Concrete Plant with PLC Arduino


You need a machine capable to produce constantly with accuracy and complying with safety regulations. To reach this goal, all the components have to work in harmony, controlled by an industrial PLC automation and a PC Panel.

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