Warehouse Automation with PLC Arduino and Touchberry Panel PC

The solution requests stored products and sends them to their corresponding line at the loading docks

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Industrial Arduino for automated warehouse

Automated warehouses are spaces for the storage of boxes, pallets or hanging garments automatically, using pallet racking and other structures. 

Load movements are also computerised and automated, using control and management software. 

Warehouse Automation


The main advantages of this type of warehouse automation are the reduction of costs and time in the goods handling process. 

Cost reduction

thanks to compact storage.

Maximum stock control

Order picking is carried out quickly.


space, time and money thanks to incoming and outgoing goods management.

Production increases

It does not stagnate, which improves the company's performance.

Improved product lifecycle

Resulting in greater stability and profitability with customers.


With the automation of its logistics warehouse, the customer wants to achieve the following objectives:

Automatic storage

Automatic storage

 Automatically storing a stock of boxes.

Product tracking

Product tracking

Performing and recording the tracking of all packages.

Automated loading

Automated loading

Optimising the energy consumed when lifting loads.

Loading docks

Loading docks

Operating in several goods departure docks.

Remote management

Remote management

Remotely managing the status of the warehouse.

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