Automation System for Animal Feeding

Feeding and accurate rations allow an efficient use, which results in healthy growth and production improving

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PLC Arduino and Raspberry Pi industrial for Farming Automation

Automatic feed control ensures that the right amount of feed reaches the animals on the farm at the right time.

The automation of the feeding system provides daily information about consumption and feed costs.

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Farming Automation

Benefits of Raspberry Pi and Arduino Automation

Feed automation can be implemented in many sectors: livestock farming, poultry farming, horse stables and many more. These are its main advantages:

Right quantity

It allows to adapt the ration to different batches of animals.

Food waste

is reduced to a minimum

Improved working conditions

Reduced time spent on preparation and distribution of rations. Flexibility and ease of supply at weekends.

Main goals

By implementing the control and monitoring of the farm's feeding system, the customer wants to achieve:

Feed automation

Feed automation

Provision of the correct amount of food and medicines through a distribution system.



24/7 monitoring of food quantities.

Cleaning automation

Cleaning automation

Cleaning system and evacuation system to remove all remaining food.

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