Analyzing Electrical Network using PLC Arduino

Real-time control of the consumption in street lamp post

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Industrial Arduino for energy savings

Having real-time knowledge of the actual use of the electricity in urban street furniture can help us to have a better knowledge about the current cost carried out on the streets. Information is power.

With this information, and the help of an industrial PLC to manage all received data, alarms can be set when the electricity exceeds a set limit, as well as to process the data and display them in real time.

The possibilities offered by our equipment to communicate with the current analyzer are:

  • To control alarms, digital inputs of the equipment can be used. (These alarms will reach the server through the Ethernet port of the industrial controller).
  • Digital outputs to relay for the action on the circuits of the installation.
  • RS485 port for peripherals. (Normally, electricity analyzers allow communication with RS485. Modbus RTU is a good protocol for such communication).

Nevertheless, there is also the possibility of using RS232 or SPI, amongst others like serial ports.

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Electrical Network analisis with PLC Arduino

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