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How to create uSD Linux to TouchBerry Pi3 and HummTouch


In that post we will see the necessary steps to create the uSD Card to TouchBerry Pi3  or HummTouch.

Method to save uSD Linux to Touch Berry or HummTouch.


Touchberry Pi3 or HummTouch:  Touchberry Pi3     HummTouch


1.- Download the Link to TouchBerry image: rTouchLinux3.bin or HummTouch: hTouchLinux.bin

a) If the Computer/Laptop is Windows
2.1 – Download and install Win32DiskImager

2.2 – Start up Win32DisckImager

2.3 – Insert the uSD into Computer

2.4 – Select the image of TouchBerry / HummTouch Linux that we want to save

2.5 – Click on Write!.

b) If the Computer/Laptop is Linux:
2.1 Use the native dd tool
2.2 Insert the SD to the Computer
2.3 Figure out in witch devise is the uSD (/dev/sdb, /dev/sdc, /dev/mmcblk0,…)
2.4 Open the console in rood mode (or sudo)
2.5 Write: dd if=<file imagen> of=<device uSD> bs=4M
2.6 Wait till ends (it can take 5min).

3. Finally insert the uSD to Raspberry Pi3 or Humminboard and start up:

4. We need to download the eGalaxTouch program

5. Once start up TouchBery or Hummingboard, open the console and call the program: /opt/calibrate/

6. Connect the USB wire to the same input than the Computer/Laptop (just Windows)

7. Start up eGalaxTouch

8. Select on tab “General, image “USB Controller”

9. On tab “Tools”, ” 4 Points Calibrate”

10. On that moment will appear on computer screen the points that you have to click on screen in ordered way. Once the 4 are done, reset the device or exit through ESC

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