How to Kiosk mode with an industrial Panel PC

Working with a TouchBerry 10.1" & On-Screen Keyboard without Internet
May 13, 2020 by
How to Kiosk mode with an industrial Panel PC
Andrei Postolache


In this post we will show a couple of things that can be very functional. If you are working with our TouchBerry PI 10.1" panel PC in an industrial environment or similar, the best way of adding keyboard input is using keyboard On-screen. 

Otherwise, the Kiosk mode consists in simplifying the operating system as much as possible so that it only has access to one application which, for example, can be used to monitor an industrial automation process by an industrial user.


In order to install it, you will need any of our TouchBerry:

Installation of On-Screen keyboard without Internet

The first thing that we need to do is download the packages with the installation files and store them on a USB. (Packages have been sent via email, but in case you do not have them, please contact the Technical Service of Industrial Shields at: [email protected]). 

Once the files are stored on the USB, you must connect them to one of the free USB ports of the TouchBerry. Now we must install these packages one by one on the Panel PC for industrial control. To do this, we can open the Raspbian terminal using the following command: Ctrl + Alt + T.

With the terminal opened, we will process to install these packages starting with the first one:

sudo dpkg-i at-spi2-core_2.22.0-6+deb9u1_armhf.deb

After this command, you will probably have to introduce the password, by default: raspberry.

NOTE:  You cannot see how the password is written, but you really are entering it.

For the second package you will have to introduce also:

sudo dpkg <"name of the package">

You must repeat this instruction for the 12 packages. After installing the last package, you will have the keyboard completely installed.

To open the keyboard:

Go to Accessories -> Keyboard.

Finally, we have it ready to use: