Industrial Shields with Arduino Cloud Introduction
A step by step guide to use Industrial Shields PLC with Arduino cloud
12 January, 2022 by
Industrial Shields with Arduino Cloud Introduction
Boot & Work Corp. S.L., Amil Shrivastava

A very recent addition to the Arduino universe is the new Arduino cloud which provides us with three features: IOT Cloud, Web IDE and a manager for Linux . Users can now connect their devices to the internet and create their own personal monitoring systems where they can upload, store and visualize data.

This is a multi-tutorial series where we will show you how to register and use an ESP32 based Industrial shields PLC to the arduino cloud for various applications.At the moment, the Arduino Cloud and its web IDE is in its infancy stage and therefore lacks many features of the standalone IDE and has some bugs that Arduino is working on to fix.

This tutorial will focus on registering the PLC on the cloud and creating a "thing". Please follow the steps below:

In order to register our devices we need to click the Devices tab and then ADD DEVICE.

Since this is a ESP32 based PLC, we will be selecting "Set up a 3rd Party Device"

We have to look for "DOIT ESP32 Dev kit V1" and select this, after which you have to name your device.

And that is it, your device is now registered. Make sure you save the Device ID and the Secret kit as it will be required in the future.

You can now create things by simply clicking on this tab.

And we have an Industrial shields' ESP32 PLC Registered with the Arduino Cloud.

In the next tutorials, we will see how we can control the digital outputs of the PLC from the cloud's dashboard and visualizing the temperature sensor reading on a chart .

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Industrial Shields with Arduino Cloud Introduction
Boot & Work Corp. S.L., Amil Shrivastava
12 January, 2022
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