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Function to configure a pin as Input/Output - Arduino IDE


On this post it will be shown the function to configure a pis as Input/Output using Arduino IDE.


Ethernet or 20 I/Os PLC:      Ethernet PLC             20 I/Os PLC     

Industrial Shields boards:   Industrial Shields Boards


The function to configure a pin as IN/OUT using Arduino IDE is pinMode(). This function is used to configure an Arduino pin as a input or as a output. On Industrial Shields equipment’s is followed with the corresponding Pin-out. This functions is normally used inside the setUp() function.

*With next version of Industrial Shields boards won’t be necessary to configure the pins, just selecting the properly board, I/O’s will be automatically configured.   

Next is showed the syntax:

pinMode(pin, mode);

Pin: Could be any industrial shields equipment pin or any Arduino board pin that you wish to set. 

Mode: INPUT, OUTPUT or INPUT_PULLUP (See more information on Arduino references)


Code Example, blinking of two digital outputs:

void setup() {
  pinMode(Q0_0, OUTPUT); // configure Q0.1 as a OUTPUT
  pinMode(Q0_1, OUTPUT);

void loop() {
  digitalWrite(Q0_0, HIGH); // set to HIGH Q0.0 and Q0.1
  digitalWrite(Q0_1, HIGH);
  delay(1000);             // delay 1s
  digitalWrite(Q0_0, LOW); // set to LOW Q0.0 and Q0.1
  digitalWrite(Q0_1, LOW);

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