Labview and M-Duino

How to program M-Duino with Labview
April 26, 2019 by
Labview and M-Duino
Serzh Ohanyan


In this post, we will show you how to program an M-Duino with an Arduino Labview block diagram. The next steps can be applied to any case.
As M-Duino is based on Arduino Mega, the way to load a program to Arduino Mega is the same for M-Duino.


Labview Program

M-Duino   family

Step by step

Step 1: When you want to load the program to M-Duino (Arduino Mega), go to Tools -> MakerHub -> LINX -> LINX Firmware Wizard... 

Will open the next window. Step 2: In Device Family we have to choose Arduino.

Step 3: We have to select our board, Arduino Mega2560 for M-Duino. 

Step 4: We have to set the Upload Method, Serial/USB, as always.