How to upload a Bootloader on an Ardbox/M-Duino PLC

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How to upload a Bootloader on an Ardbox/M-Duino PLC
Alejandro Jabalquinto


In this post, it will be shown how to upload the bootloader on an Ardbox/M-Duino PLC.


Ethernet or 20 I/Os PLC:      Ethernet PLC             20 I/Os PLC     

Industrial Shields boards:   Industrial Shields Boards


To install the bootloader it is required 2 Arduinos. The first one will be the one in charge of uploading the bootloader into the target, this Arduino will be doing the function of the burner. The other Arduino will be the target, the one that will receive the bootloader.

Steps to configurate an ARDBOX/M-DUINO PLC as Bootloader burner:

  • Open The Arduino ISP Example on the Arduino IDE from: File >> Examples >> 11.ArduinoISP.

Arduino ISP Example

  • Select the right PLC which will work as a Bootloader burner
  • Select the right port where the ARDBOX/M-DUINO PLC is connected.
  • Change the standard pin configuration. At “#define RESET 10” and “#define RESET  4” change both with pin 2.  As illustrated here below.

Change the standard pin configuration

  • UPLOAD!!!!

Once the ARDBOX/M-DUINO PLC is configurated as Bootloader burner it is necessary to connect via SPI ports the Bootloader burner Arduino to the Original ARDBOX/M-DUINO PLC where it is necessary to replace the bootloader…


After connecting the ARDBOX/M-DUINO PLC “B” to the Bootloader burner (ARDBOX/M-DUINO PLC “A”) It is necessary to connect the USB cable between the ARDBOX/M-DUINO PLC “A” and the laptop.

*IMPORTANT: If there is an SD card inserted on anyone of both PLC’s while the bootloader is being updated, remove it because you can format it and lose the date of the SD card. 

Then you can continue doing:

  • Select the ARDBOX/M-DUINO PLC “B” on the Arduino IDE (remember that you have connected ARDBOX/M-DUINO PLC “A” to the Laptop). ( Tools >> Board)

Select the ARDBOX/M-DUINO PLC “B” on the Arduino IDE

  • Select the right port (From the ARDBOX/M-DUINO PLC “A”). (Tools >> Port).
  • Select the Programmer type: Arduino as ISP  (Tools >> Programmer)

  • Click on BURN BOOTLOADER on the Tools menú.


That’s all. Now you can upload a new file on the ARDBOX/M-DUINO PLC “A” 

And use the ARDBOX/M-DUINO PLC “B” as a new Board!!!!!

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How to upload a Bootloader on an Ardbox/M-Duino PLC
Alejandro Jabalquinto December 24, 2018
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