How to identify your Industrial Shields PLC

August 8, 2019 by
How to identify your Industrial Shields PLC
Boot & Work Corp. S.L., Quesada Dani Salvans

If you do not know which is your device, here there is a tutorial about how to identify our equipment. There are three different ways about how to know which device do you have:

  • Search the NAME in the Device: all of our equipments have the model name laser printed in the front face, just below the "Industrial Shields" name. Here you can see the name of this device highlighted with a red rectangle:

  • Compare the equipment FEATURES with our web's models. You can compare your model with the the ones shown in our web; the photos, the number and type of the Inputs/Outputs, the user guide features, etc. Here you have an example:

First of all, we can compare the photos and the number and type of I/O (Digital, Analog or Relay). There are some specific elements that can guide us, such as the Ethernet port (because only some families have it), if they have an antenna (only the GPRS models have one), the number of floors (depends on the model), etc.

Having a look on the user guides, if we open the M-Duino User Guide we can see useful information like that:

(In this photos we will see how to identify a device depending on the number of floors (zones) and the number/type of I/O)