Predictive Maintenance with PLC Arduino

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Increasingly, companies with facilities susceptible to revisions, maintenance, set-up, etc. optimize their management, improving time and costs thanks to predictive maintenance plans. 

If we anticipate the maintenance tasks that an installation or machine needs, we can predict when failures will occur, in order to prevent them from happening in a preventive manner. For this we must have a great knowledge of the facilities or equipment, how to carry out maintenance operations, and what resources we use for it. The industrial controllers allows us to work the data acquisition of the machines or installations.

By means of a correct installation of elements that will allow to capture key points of the machines or installations, such as vibrations, temperatures, analysis of consumption elements, refrigeration, friction, etc. we will obtain valuable information to be able to have historical data that allows us to make decisions and organize the necessary resources.

Industrial PLC Arduino for predicitive maintenance
Industrial PLC Arduino for predicitive maintenance

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With the installation of industrial equipment such as industrial controllers or Panel PC's, together with elements that allow monitoring, data capture, and management, we can plan the maintenance, repair, and necessary resources well in advance, obtaining all of this better management of time and resources, with the consequent saving in the short, medium and long term, depending on where we act and the profile of each company, installation or machine. 

The better configured the data collection system and its storage for subsequent analysis, the more accurate and adjusted the planning and monitoring will be, since the parameters may not always be conclusive in some cases, allowing gaps of time, wear, etc. that hinder optimal decision making.

On the other hand, the controller arduino allows us to have programming software with an open source license, allows greater flexibility when linking all the necessary elements for a monitoring of facilities, product lines, equipment, etc.