How to optimize yor data center with an industrial PLC

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How to optimize yor data center with an industrial PLC

Get the best performance of your installation

Know the efficency of you data center monitoring the elements below:



Space available

Tension points

Energy consumption

The importance of monitoring 

A proper monitoring of your installation will:


    you inefficient energy consumption


    you act to improve or correct this critical point in  the installation

Satisfied  customers

Our customers are already using ArduinoRaspberry Pi or ESP32 industrial PLCs in their data centers.

By the implementation of this technology, our customers have improved:

  • Security

  • Versatility when it is time to adapt the solution 

Industrial Shields open source-based PLC

Moreover, our customers' environmental impact has been significantly reduced

Resources and ecological footprint

Resources and ecological footprint

An optimal management of energy resources improves the ecological footprint of your company.

Important energy savings

Important energy savings

thanks to monitoring, analysis and improvement of energy consumption.

Maximum efficiency

Maximum efficiency

thanks to knowing and acting on the KPIs in your data center.

Data center monitoring with Arduino Controller

Discover how to implement 
the monitoring of your data center:
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