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Fleet Management using affordable and versatile devices

Fleet management and the benefits it brings at different levels have led many companies to implement these type of solutions.

  • Geolocation of the vehicles
  • Kilometres travelled
  • Stopping time...

These are variables that have a direct impact on costs and the quality of the service offered.

The use open source-based technologies applied to this type of solutions, allows for flexibility and adaptability that other standard products on the market cannot offer.

The use of technologies based on open source applied to this type of solutions, allow you a flexibility and adaptability that other standard products on the market cannot offer.

Fleet Management with Arduino Controller

Evolution and adaptation.
How our customer changed his approach.

Our client's vehicle fleet has grown enormously over the last decade. The company is involved in the processing, marketing and distribution of frozen foods and has a large sales network. In recent years, a number of needs have emerged that must be addressed.

On the one hand, due to business strategy and, on the other, because it is necessary to follow the regulations on the transport of this type of merchandise in relation to the cold chain or, lately, because of the control of working hours required by law.

In order to maintain the competitive level that the company has reached, product quality must be guaranteed and at the same time, fleet management must be improved by taking advantage of the possibilities offered by new technologies.

Some behaviors have also been changing in recent times that must be faced in order not to lose competitiveness, such as loading and unloading in large logistics platforms, access to pedestrian areas where unloading goods, etc.

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