How to optimize the performance and energy consumption of your data centers

Monitoring your installation is key 

There are several key indicators (KPIs) that must be analyzed and acted on to obtain the best performance in a data center.

You need to monitorize at plant level, cabinet or server rack level and also each one of the units. 

The monitoring of critical elements such as:

  • Temperature

  • Humidity

  • Space available

  • Tension points or hot spots

  • Energy consumption

are important to know if your installation is efficient and where it can be improved.

ASHRAE recommendations

Important tips about temperature and humidity in data centers

The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) recommends that the temperature near the inlet of servers should range between 65ºF to 80ºF and that the reliable humidity should be between 40% and 60%.

You can take a look at this ASHRAE document about Data Center Guidance.

The cost of data center energy

The PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) created by the Green Grid, as an instrument for measuring the efficiency of data centers, compares the total energy consumed by a data center with the amount of energy that actually reaches the IT equipment, which allows you to know the amount lost in other equipment, such as cooling systems.

Identify and solve the leaks of energy

If you have proper monitoring of your installation, you can see and analyze where energy is being consumed in inefficiently.

Once energy leaks have been detected, and therefore resources, you can act to improve or correct this critical point in the installation.

Data center monitoring with Arduino Controller
Data center monitoring with Arduino Controller

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Data centers worldwide using Arduino industrial PLCs

Our customers are already using Arduino industrial PLC in their data centers

We have several customers working in this field*. 

One of the most important is based in Europe and works for the banking and the telecommunications industry. They have been using our controllers because open source allows them to improve the security and also the versatility when it is time to adapt the solution.

*We must preserve its identity for confidentiality reasons.
Industrial Arduino PLC for monitoring and control
Arduino PLC monitoring and control of HVAC and lighting

Monitoring and control of HVAC and lighting

There is also one of the most important hosting providers in Southern Europe that uses Arduino PLCs.

They work on the automated control of a ventilation / air renewal system and for lighting controls to improve energy efficiency.

Another major customer works on the monitoring and control of the entire HVAC installation.

They are building facilities that are going to be replicated at different latitudes. Those places have very different environmental conditions of temperature and humidity.

Resources and ecological footprint

Resources and ecological footprint

With optimal management of energy resources you can improve the way your company affects the ecological footprint.

Important energy savings

Important energy savings

The savings made by monitoring, analysis and improvement of energy consumption have a direct impact on your income statement.

Maximum efficiency

Maximum efficiency

Knowing and acting on the KPIs in your data center allows you to ensure maximum efficiency and performance.

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