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Din Rail 35mm x 7.5mm

Din Rail 35mm x 7.5mm

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DIN Rail TS 35
Quite compact and fully functional. Easy to assembly.
Cold Rolled steel construction
Zinc coated and clear passivated
Meets current BS, DIN and CANELEC standards.
Top HAT compatible
DIN 46277

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Din Rail - TS 35 mm

A Din rail is a metal strip of standards dimensions originally defined in specifications published by DIN (Germany). Also adopted as European (EN and international (ISO) standards. It is made from cold rolled steel that is zinc coated and passivated. The coating thickness is a minimum of 8 microns.

Features and Benefits:

Provides a convenient and fast method of assembling any electrical and electronic devices into industrial projects.

They are compact and fully functional.

Din rail is very easy to assembly.

All aspects of industrial systems are available as a component that can be simply snapped into the rail to build up the configuration.

Cold rolled steel construction.

Zinc coated and clear passivated.

Meets current BS, DIN and CENELEC standards.


DIN 46277




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Specifications for Din Rail 35mm x 7.5mm

Length 50 mm or 100 mm or 500 mm or 755 mm or 1000 mm