Industrial Pull UP I2C connection
Industrial Pull UP I2C connection
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Non-invasive AC Current Meter | 0-5Vdc Voltage Output | -25 to 70ºC Nominal working Temperature | Select the Maximum working current reading:

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Technical Details

High mechanical resistance (>1000 cycles)
6000V dielectric strength AC/1min
UL94-V0 compliance (fireproof)
Applications: AC Motors, lighting equipment, air compressors and other current measurements, control and protection.
Working temperature range: -25 to 70°C
Body size 57mm x 32mm x 21mm (L x W x H)


SCT-010 family is current sensors NON-Invasive which let you measure the current through any conductor without any modification on the installations. It is not necessary to cut or modify the wire. These sensors are ready to be used with Arduino-based PLC or any single Arduino board to measure the intensity or power consumption in a charge.

SCT-010 Current Output and Voltage Output

SCT-010 meters are current transformers, instrumentation devices that provide a proportional measurement across the AC electrical circuit. That measurement is made by electromagnetic induction. This family of sensors includes a split ferromagnetic core (like a clamp) that allows you to open it for winding a conductor on an electrical installation without cutting or modifying the installation.

SCT-010 dimensions

Main Technical Specs.
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Max. Current Meter 5A or 10A or 25A or 50A

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