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141,75 €

10 Entradas (5 a 24Vdc)
10 Salidas (5 a 24Vdc)

Comunicaciones: USB, RS485, RS232, Half-Full Duplex (Modbus), I2C, SPI

  • Dispositivo
  • CPU
  • CPU Type
  • Inputs
  • Outputs
  • I2C
  • SPI
  • Comunicaciones Adicionales
  • µSD Card Socket
  • Escoge la configuración predeterminada de los Switches

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CÓDIGO HS: 8537.10.9160

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Arduino PLC based details

Industrial Automation

Arduino-based PLC
It has 20 digital inputs / outputs. 10x analog or digital inputs (see specifications), and 10x digital or analog output (see specifications).
Basic Controller's family offers the possibility of communication between two computers using I2C, obtaining a master-slave connection.

Instant connection and programming
The Basic Controllers family, as it uses an Arduino LEONARDO, lets you program it through the USB. This feature lets immediate access in order to program, maintain and prepare it for its set up. It lets you control your equipment without no limits.

Standardized modules
The different Basic Controllers devices are programmed exactly on the same way. Once you have used one of them, the rest can be configured using the same methodology.

Using the I2C connection, that all the Basic Controller's family have, you can connect up to 127 modules, which it means that you can have up to 2.540 Input / Outputs in Master Slave connection. NOTE: for I2C, you need to tell us that requirement.

Flexible and dynamic
All the components are configurable, both configure like make your jobs as Master or Slave when used on Master-Slave connection through I2C.

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