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Question on SPI port programming of ARDBOX.

John Tuckett
en 21/2/20 10:08 374 vistas


Question on SPI port programming of ARDBOX.

We need to wiggle a few signals faster than standard PLCs can manage.

So we are in the process of trying a few ARDBOXes.

I note that the recommended programming method, in C/C++ is to use Arduino IDE and USB cable via bootloader.

My usual and preferred method (with Arduino) is to use ATMEL Studio and Microchip ATATMEL-ICE-BASIC via the SPI header.

I notice you have brought the SPI header out to terminals so I assume there is no problem wiping the bootloader and programming directly.

Can you confirm this is true.



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Dani Salvans Quesada

--Dani Salvans Quesada--

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Sant Fruitós de Bages, España
--Dani Salvans Quesada--
Dani Salvans Quesada
En 25/8/20 7:54

Hello friend, 

Our recommended programming method is Arduino IDE because we have our IndustrialShields boards devoloped for it and they are not compatible with other programming tools. If you want to use ATMEL Studio and Microchip ATATMEL-ICE-BASIC, there is no problem, because you are using C or C++, which is the base language of Arduino IDE, but you should know that you have to work referring the direct Arduino pins instead of the PLC pins (you have the pin equivalence in the Datasheet or the UserGuide) and that you cannot work with IndustrialShields boards.

Thank you, 

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