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Ethernet Connection to Arduino

en 26/6/20 5:17 290 vistas

I have an M-Duino 58+ , and the connection to my server fails intermittently. However, I am using some of the interrupt channels as DI's. Could this be the reason why i am sometimes unable to establish connection between my server and the M-Duino?

Thank you. 

Alan George
En 30/6/20 5:06

We have an M-duino 19R and its ethernet connection to node-red fails intermittently -- about every 4 days requiring a 24V power supply switch-off switch-on to restart it.  We are using Modbus through the RS485, have analogue inputs and an interrupt system for counting/timing switch closures.  We are also operating all the relays. I would dearly like to solve this problem.  I think the 19R we have is the older version with the RJ45 socket near the end of the top plate, not in the centre like current ones.  Does anyone know whether this older version was less reliable?

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