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5V Digital input doesn't work properly

en 23/5/19 5:30 337 vistas

I've a M-Duino 21+ and I'm testing the digital input just with a button connected to 5Vdc (pin of M-DUINO) and I0_7 digital pin. In M-DUINO documentation says that digital input high voltage is 5-24V.

I've used this  simple program:

void setup() {
  pinMode(I0_7, INPUT);
} void loop() {  Serial.println(digitalRead(I0_7) ? "ON" : "OFF"); //print value on serial Monitor delay(2000); //wait 2 seconds }

The problem is:

- If I press the button, the LED I0_7 brights as expected but the message remains "OFF"

I've changed button power supply to Vdc (in my case it is 12Vdc) the LED I0_7 brights and the message changes to "ON"

So, I've experienced that status LEDs for digital inputs don't show the actual value received by the arduino core.

Is ti my fault or something wrong? Is it just a design error?

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Andrei Postolache

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--Andrei Postolache--
Andrei Postolache
En 12/6/20 6:41

Hello joguagar,

Maybe is a typographic mistake, Digital Inputs works at 7-24Vdc and Digital Outputs works at 5-24Vdc, for more info about your PLC just have a look here.

Thank you,

Best regards.

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