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3 PIN DIN Plug wiring

Ken Hanson
en 20/2/20 12:51 301 vistas

I have a 3 wire DIN Plug to a Pneumatic Valve.  The wires are GND, 1 = +DC and 2 = -DC.  To control this valve is it correct to attach GND to Common Power Supply GND and the 1 +DC wire to opto isolated output Q0.0 and 2 -DC to COM(-) pins on my MDUINO 21+?  

Note, both the MDUINO and Valve are 24V DC.

Ok, a bit more information. I was a bit confused when I ordered the M-Duino. I thought the Outputs were Relay outputs, I now understand they are not.

However, they are opto-issolated and can provide 24V. So...

The question is can the Digital outputs drive the pneumatic solenoid which wants 24VDC and is rated at 2.5W, which I calculate as a draw of .11A? Note, I have the M-Duino powered with the 24V 30W power supply you provide.

Ken Hanson
de 24/2/20 17:38

Industrial Shields Forum user

Andrei Postolache

--Andrei Postolache--

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--Andrei Postolache--
Andrei Postolache
En 18/6/20 3:33

Hello Ken,

I don't really understant why do you need 3 wires? With two wires you can make it work GND(-) to the GND pin and Signal(+) to the Q0.0. Let me know what model of selenoid do you have so we can  investigate more.

 Also if you are interested in Relay outputs you can have a look to out Realy PLC's on this link.

Thank you.

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