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First configuration with an industrial Panel PC

In this post, we will tal about our range of Panel PCs for industrial control. They are based on the industrial Raspberry Pi and work with GN/Linux (Raspbian/Ubuntu) which are installed in an SD card.

This kind of panel for industrial monitoring can work like a PLC because it has 10 I/O  and different types of communication (RS-232, RS- 485, Ethernet and WiFi). Moreover, it has the benefit of a touchscreen where you can program the application you want and monitor the variables you need too. It is a versatile way to automate and monitor an installation because it is an Open Source software and works as a proper PC in which you can connect your mouse, keyboard, USB and have a µSD to expand the hard disk.

In complex systems, you can create a network between several TouchBerries, providing a supervision solution and control for production plants  and real-time data.

After reading this post, you will be able to take the first steps with your device for industrial automation.

Touchberry Pi 7"

Industrial Shields Panel PC software

First step: connect a keyboard and a mouse to your Panel, using the USB ports, so you can work more comfortable. After that, you can connect to a WiFi network and having access to the internet.


Industrial Shields Panel PC software

The language of the keyboard is English by default. To configure it, you will have to enter in the General menu -->Preferences --> Mouse and Keyboard Settings --> Keyboard --> Keyboard Layout.