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M-Duino Family connector details

Connector details

The connector inside the PLCs that mounts on the PCB is MC 0,5/10-G-2,5 THT – 1963502 from Phoenix contact. MC0,5/10-G-2,5THT.

For I/O and power supply there is a FK-MC 0,5/10-ST-2,5 – 1881406 connector from Phoenix contact. FK-MC 0,5/10-ST-2,5.   

Article ReferenceMC 0,5/10-G-2,5 THT
Pin dimensions0,8x0,8mm
Pin spacing2,50mm

Article referenceFK-MC 0,5/10-ST-2,5
Rigid conduit section min.0,14 mm²
Rigid conduit section max.0,5 mm²
Flexible conduit section min.0,14 mm²
Flexible conduit section max.0,5 mm²
Conduit section AWG/kcmil min.20
Conduit section AWG/kcmil max.

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