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How to use the Optoisolated Input Module of Industrial Shields


On this post it is shown how to correctly use the optoisolated Input Module of Industrial Shields.


Optoisolated Input Module                  Optoisolated Input Module


This module is thought for expandability in really simple logic implementations. The module consists of 10 inputs and 10 outputs interconnected between them . When the input I0.X detects a HIGH value, the corresponding output Q0.X gets a HIGH value, being X any value between 0 and 9. This process is completely implemented by hardware. There is no software that interacts with this Optoisolated Input Module.

General Features




As an example of using, we will use the pair of inputs/outputs I0.8-I0.9/Q0.8-Q0.9. This example can be used in any of the other pairs of inputs/outpus. We will show it in pairs as there are 5 different output voltages.