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How to properly turn off your PC Panel

turn off your PC panel safely


A task that seems trivial on any computer, properly shutting down our Panel PC is vital because it is very easy to corrupt the uSD card if the Panel PC is turned off badly.

In no way will we turn off a Raspberry Pi by removing the power cord. Doing so runs a huge risk of corrupting the files on the SD card, forcing it to be formatted and reinstalled from the beginning. (In case your Panel PC has UPS Shield built in, you don't need to worry, you can turn off your Panel PC by removing the power cable, the UPS Shield will ensure that the shutdown is safe).


Turn off Panel PC from command console

The most important thing to keep in mind is that (unless your Panel PC has UPS Shield integrated) never, NEVER, turn off the Panel PC disconnecting it from the power supply.

These are the steps to follow to shut down your Panel PC safely:

1. Open the command console 

    (You can use the following keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+Alt+T)

2. You can use the following command to stop the Panel PC in the same moment: 

sudo shutdown -h now

Where ‘-h’ corresponds to the option ‘halt’ and ‘now’ indicates that we want to start the shutdown at this time.

If instead of turning it off we want to schedule the shutdown, we can use:

shutdown hours:minutes &

Where we must substitute ‘hours’ and ‘minutes’ for the value we want.

If we want to cancel a scheduled shutdown with the previous command, we use:

sudo shutdown -c

Restart your PC Panel

Restarting the system is as simple as turning it off. Again, we use the ‘shutdown’ command but adding the ‘-r’ parameter:

sudo shutdown -r now

IMPORTANT: If your Panel PC has a UPS Shield attached, never reboot your Panel PC or the UPS Shield of your equipment could be damaged. 

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