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How to install Temboo to program an industrial PLC


On this blog post we will show you how to install Temboo, a platform with the function of intermediary between our system and web apps. It allows integrating various platforms so that they communicate with each other. With Temboo we can use the APIs of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Xively, MySQL and PayPal.

This platform is born from the necessity of the IoT of nowadays. Internet of things is a concept that refers to the digital interconnection of everyday objects with the Internet. In the case that we want to interconnect the elements of a company or an Industry it is what is called IIoT ( Industrial Internet of Things) or Industry 4.0.

How to install Temboo 

The first step we need to do before beginning with the installation process is downloading the library Temboo from this link. After that, we need to search the old library Temboo. We can find it in the app's folder " libraries ". Just delete the old one and instead add the new one. 

The next step is downloading the newest version of industrial Arduino IDE from here. To install it, just extract the file from the .zip folder and then run the file If it does not run with LINUX, you can go to the command line and follow the instructions below:

Now we need to be sure that we have the library in the platform Arduino IDE, so let's just consult Manage libraries.

The next step is creating an account on this link to be able of configuring our connection. 

Once we have the account created, we can begin with the configuration and the first step is putting our board and type of connection.

Then we need to enter any address or ZIP code in the Address input:


Now let's click Generate Code to test the Choreo from out website. After a moment, you will see the information that Google sends back shown in the Output section.

Scrool down to find the code box on the Choreo page. Copy the code, and paste it into a new sketch in the Arduino IDE.

Then to run this sketch, it needs to be configured with an appropriate TembooAccount.h header file containing your Temboo account information. For certain boards, header files will also include the device's internet connection details. To create the header file, make a new tab in the Arduino IDE, and name it TembooAccount.h and copy the code from the Header File.

They also give us the code for the Arduino IDE.


The last step before running any sketch is to confirm that you have selected the appropriate board and serial port in the Arduino IDE. Go to the Tools -> Boards menu and select the board you are working with. Then go to Tools -> Serial Port and select the port your board is connected to. 

Finally Save and upload your sketch to the Arduino, and open the serial monitor. After running the sketch, you will see the response from Google printed to the monitor.

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