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How to connect an SD Card to an industrial Arduino Ethernet PLC

Installing a uSD card in an M-Duino industrial PLC


In this post, we are going to install the uSD card in an M-Duino Family PLC controller Arduino.


In order to work with a micro SD, you must have one PLC Arduino included in the next families:

Also we will need a micro SD card and a tweezer.

Checking switches

Before proceeding to connect the uSD card to the industrial controller, we must check that the uSD switch is correctly configured. We must check the communication switches and put the SD switch at OFF position (If your PLC has it) :


Connecting the card inside the arduino automation PLC 


Step 1

Look at the PLC and check where the cover hiding the SD connector is.

Industrial Shields PLC

Step 2

Put a screwdriver in the sockets and extract the cover. Be careful with the internal components: you could damage them. 

Put a screwdriver in the sockets and extract the cover.

Step 3

Pick the SD card with a tweezer.

Pick the SD card with a tweezer.

Step 4

Locate the SD connector inside the programmable logic controller.

SD connector inside the PLC

Step 5

Introduce the SD card into the connector. 

Introduce the SD card into the connector.

Step 6

Put the cover again .

Put the cover again

Basics: SD card in Arduino PLC for industrial automation


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