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Raspberry Pi Panel PC General Information

This Panel PC is based on GNU/Linux (Raspbian/Ubuntu) OS installed on an SD card. It has many interfaces built in: Ethernet, USB, WiFi...

Using the Ethernet port or WiFi network you can remotely control all parameters, data and inputs/outputs of your control system.

Furthermore, Touchberry PI comprises enough I/Os to replace PLCs on simple automation applications.

Open protocols not only allow communication with other Industrial Shields PLCs, but also third-party devices and machinery.

In complex systems, you can create a network between several TOUCHBERRY PI. Providing integral supervision and control solution for entire production plants and real-time data at hand.

Specifications for TouchBerry PI 10.1" (Raspberry PI 4B)

CPURaspberry PI 4 Model B - 2GB or Raspberry PI 4 Model B - 4GB or Raspberry PI 4 Model B - 8GB
µSD(Memory Card & Operating System)No µSD Card or 16GB µSD Card without OS or 16GB µSD Card + Linux or pSLC 8GBµSD Card + Linux
Additional FAN?No or Yes. Include a FAN into the device for extra cooling
Additional FunctionsNo additional functions or UPS Shield or UPS + RTC + RS485 Functionalities

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