HVAC - control and monitoring with industrial plc based on Arduino
Implementation of an HVAC system using the Industrial Shields equipments for a specific solution in this sector.
Case Studies - Casos de estudio
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Case Study (ENG) Biogas Plant Automation and Monitoring
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Implementation of the control, automation and monitoring system of a biogas plant through the installation of a Raspberry PLC and a Raspberry Panel PC.
CASO DE ESTUDIO (ESP)-Mejorar-rendimiento-centro-de-datos
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Un estudio para demostrar la capacidad del PLC Arduino para trabajar en el monitoreo y control de centros de datos.
Case Study (ENG) - Hotel rooms automation
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How to automate hotel rooms to improve sustainability, save money and enhance the customer experience through industrial automation. Equipment needed:
- Industrial PLC
- touch screen
- sensors and actuators
Case Study (ENG) Weather Station and Wind Study in Panama
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Automation of a weather station to study wind and all related climatic factors. All the data, taken by the sensors, are sent to a PLC for processing and monitoring through an Industrial Shields Panel PC.

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