10 I/O's Relay Module - CPU

10 I/O's Relay Module - CPU

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10 I/O's optoisolated configurables by jumper
Inputs: 5-24 Vdc
Outputs: 5-24 Vdc / 220 AC
Power supply voltage 12-24V
MCU: ESP32 devkit/Arduino NANO
WiFi 2.4-2.5 Ghz (ESP32 version)
Ethernet Port
Modbus TCP
Modbus RTU

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  • CPU
  • # Inputs #
  • Digital Inputs *See technical details
  • # Outputs #
  • Relay Outputs *See technical details
  • # Ethernet
  • RS485
  • # Wifi & Bluetooth LE #
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Do you need this product customized?

The Industrial 10 inputs and outputs module can be equipped with an Arduino NANO or an ESP32 board. Both solutions have an industrial design to be reliable in all kind of industrial environments.

Use the module for

Monitoring, control and automation of your machines, alarms, elevator control, product lines, installations among the most typical applications such as fans, pumps, air conditioning, full HVAC solutions, control of AC and DC motors.

The 10IOs Input, Output, and Relay family of modules provide a flexible, cost-effective means to expand the Input/ Output functionality of Industrial controllers.

It is easy to install and configure, and very flexible thanks to the Open Source based hardware.

Take a look at the videos below to easily configure your 10IOs module PLC.


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