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IS.ACUSB232.1.8M IS.ACUSB232.1.8M
USB to RS232 converter cable,1.8m

USB to RS232 converter cable,1.8m

InStock 2021-12-31

31.76 € 31.76 EUR

31.76 €

USB to RS-232 Converter Cables,
FCC, CE, RoHS compliant.

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These cables provide a quick and easy method to convert a serial RS-232 signal to USB. The USB connector contains a small circuit board that includes the FTDI FT232RQ serial UART interface IC to manage all protocols and USB signaling. Two LED indicators that light up when data is received and transmitted. They have a maximum signaling speed of 1 Mbaudio. These converters are compatible with VCP drivers with Microsoft WHQL certification for Windows, Apple Mac and Linux: all are available without copyright on the FTDI website.

The other end of the cable has uncovered tinned wires and can be customized according to your needs with different connectors.


Complies with FCC, CE, RoHS.


Ferrite Core with Case: ZCAT1730-0730A



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