Equipment cable (BLACK), 0.75mm2 H050V-K

Equipment cable (BLACK), 0.75mm2 H050V-K

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Equipment Wire (BLACK)
0.75mm2 H050V-K

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Product Details

FlexLite UL Wire

The TOPFLEX V-K H05V-K and H07V-K cable have been specially designed for complex layout installations that require a flexible cable. This cable is especially suitable for domestic wiring. It can also be used for wiring equipment, distributors, cabinets, and lighting. Additionally, its use is recommended for installation in false ceilings. Cables up to 1 mm2 are especially suitable for signaling and control.

Characteristics of the TOPFLEX V-K cable H05V-K

Electrical characteristics

LOW VOLTAGE 300/500 V · 450/750 V

Nominal Tension:

H05V-K (up to 1 mm2): 300/500 V.

Reference norm

UNE-EN 50525-2-31 / IEC 60227-3


ITC: 9/20/26/27/29/30/31/41







Construction Product Regulation


Thermal characteristics

Temp. maximum of the driver: 70ºC.

Temp. Maximum short circuit: 160ºC (maximum 5 s)

Temp. Minimum service: -40ºC (static with protection).

Features in front of the fire

Non-propagation of the flame according to UNE-EN 60332-1 and IEC 60332-1.

Reaction to fire CPR, Eca, according to EN 50575 standard.

Mechanical characteristics

Bending radius: 5 x outside diameter.

Chemical characteristics

Resistance to chemical attacks: acceptable.

Presence of water

Presence of water: AD3 aspersion.

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