Industrial Shields Academy: Arduino on industrial uses

…With one lesson every DAY, you will learn how to use Arduino and PLCs See chapters

Connect and program different types of analog and digital sensors, relays…

Connect and program different types of actuators to move motors, activate valves, lights alarms…

Connect several devices using different types of communications. RS485, RS232, I2C, ethernet…

15 Different Chapters:

  • Chapter #0: Handy material to develop an industrial project using Arduino.
  • Chapter #1: Connect an Arduino board to the laptop. (DEMO VIDEO)
  • Chapter #2: Inputs.
  • Chapter #3: Outputs. (DEMO VIDEO)
  • Chapter #4: Inputs and Outputs. Simultaneous work.
  • Chapter #5: Variables I.
  • Chapter #6: Variables II.
  • Chapter #7: Communications.
  • Chapter #8: Ethernet.
  • Chapter #9: Examples: Controlling input and output remotely using ethernet.
  • Chapter #10: Serial TTL, RS232, RS485.
  • Chapter #11: I2C, SPI.
  • Chapter #12: Operators: Logic and mathematics.
  • Chapter #13: RTC and µSD card.
  • Chapter #14: Tools: Tools40 library. (From makers to industry).
  • Chapter #15: Final example: Demo project using Industrial Shields..

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Remember, if you buy one PLC. You can receive the course for free.

Note: You will get acces to a daily chapter which will be able as time as you want.

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Be ready for the present

This course is not only oriented in how to use Industrial Shields PLCs. This course will teach you how to program Arduino boards oriented on the Industrial aplications.

From the beginning of Arduino and the Open Source Hardware, the industry found an easy and cheap way to join the Industry 4.0 and the Industrial Internet of Things. Doing this course, you will learn the basic aspects to define a smart project on that way, to do:

  • Machinery automation.
  • Installation Control. (Thermal, HVAC, Water treatment, Chemical products, Food, etc.).
  • Industrial monitoring.
  • Data acquisition.
  • etc.