Your Benefits

License costs savings. Compatibility between the equipments. Break your dependence of the big players.

License Savings

Most of the PLC's of the market must be programmed using their platforms. Propietary platforms with cost licenses. 

With our PLC's you can choose among multiple software options.

A great benefit for your projects in short, mid and long term.


One of the benefits of working with Open Source based hardware is the easy integration with other hardware.

There are tons of resources that will help you to do this, and you will be free to choose the best option according to what you need. 

Big Players

Our hardware it's being used by companies all over the world, in a big variety of markets and solutions

Now it is a great opportunity to expand your views when you look for a solution in the automation, control, monitoring, or many other fields.

Take a look at our use cases

From Industrial Automation to Greenhouse Installations


The liberalization of the industry thanks to the Open Source Hardware.

Own your application and get the flexibility needed using the Open Source Technology of Arduino and Raspberry Pi.

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