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Guide about the performance of Open Source-based PLCs

Download the following guide and learn the benefits of the different ranges of industrial PLCs based on Open Source CPUs such as Arduino, Raspberry Pi or ESP32.

Improve your data center performance

Some of our customers are already using Arduino PLC to monitor and control data centers.

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Learn how to develop an Arduino PLC Project

There are several examples using an Arduino industrial controller into this webpage and blog

Remember! you can use several libraries like: Controll.ino ethernet example. Using Arduino Mega and RS485, for example.

Arduino as a suitable solution for Industry. Thanks to the Industrial shield design, you can compare Arduino vs PLC because a PLC is an electronic device using a microcontroller as an Arduino board is. So Industrial Shields offer at the professional users, make plc projects with Arduino. It is also possible to program an Arduino plc ladder software.  

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