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Voltage Range

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What is the factor that limits operating voltage to 25.4 Vdc on the Ethernet PLC? That's seems oddly specific.

Our system voltage will be regulated to 27.0Vdc. Will this work?



Alejandro Jabalquinto

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--Alejandro Jabalquinto--
Alejandro Jabalquinto
En 19/7/18 10:01


This means that upper than this voltage (25,4 Vdc) we cannot claim that the PLC will work as expected. Upper than this voltage the PLC probably will heat up a little and they will lose time life (not that much). If your system is regulated to 27 would be OK. We have tested that the PLC can work even on 32V. You must know that they are not designed to work on this voltage rage.

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Thanks, very helpful

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