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Modbus RTU slave support

Niels Nielsen
en 29/4/20 5:52 265 vistas


Is there a reason you haven't included the option to make your devices support modbus RTU slave in your libraries?

It would be really nice to use the Ardbox IO as a cheap simple remote relay where all DI/DO are mapped to modbus array.

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Support Team

--Support Team--

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Sant Fruitós de Bages, España
--Support Team--
Support Team
En 7/5/20 7:09

Dear Niels, 

First of all thank you very much for contacting us,

Our R&D team is working on programming this library for the Arduino IDE, it will soon be available on our github with its corresponding examples.

We will send you a notification once it is fully developed,

Have a nice day!

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