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M-Duino 42+ Retrive name of pins from Arduino number

Stefano Consolaro
en 13/1/20 16:20 412 vistas

Hi all.

With IS library it is easy to access pins using name like I0_0, I2_3 and so on.

These names correspond to certain Arduino pins number: eg. I0_0=>22, I0_1=>23.

There is a way (method, function?) to get IS pin name from Arduino number? Eg: ArduinoToIS(24) => "I0_2".

Thanks in advance.


Industrial Shields Forum user

Andrei Postolache

--Andrei Postolache--

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--Andrei Postolache--
Andrei Postolache
En 17/7/20 3:47

Hello Stefano,

Well to know the pins that are associated to Arduino board you can have a look to the user guide (page 25), there you can see all this information. 

Thank you.

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