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How to connect M-Duino R38 to MATLAB

Bruno Serrano
en 26/11/19 5:31 165 vistas


We have a project in which we have to control several motors, sensors, breaks, etc. through MATLAB. It was decided to use the M-Duino R38, however we are having problems connecting the M-Duino with MATLAB. Within the MATLAB interface it all appears to work very well, no errors apear when seting the arduino up or while reading writing I/O. The problem is that the arduino does not execute any of the commands given and all inputs are read as 0.

Does any one have any solution or experience coneting these arduinos with MATLAB?

Thank you very much!

Industrial Shields Forum user

Andrei Postolache

--Andrei Postolache--

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--Andrei Postolache--
Andrei Postolache
En 18/6/20 6:21

Hello Bruno,

For the moment the most common app to program our PLC's is Arduino IDE and here you can see some more also compatible with our devices here.

Also you can have a look to this link to see how to do it with Matlab or Simulink.

Thank you.

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