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error: 'MODBUS_TCP_ADU_SIZE' was not declared in this scope

Rubén Grávalos
en 5/4/20 11:44 458 vistas

Hi. When running the ModbusTCPSlave example that comes in the library that I downloaded from Github as indicated in the Arduino programming course in industrial environments, it shows me the error hat is observed in the title, detected in the file "ModbusTCPSlave.h". The same thing happens to me when I try the "ModbusTCPMaster" case. What is going on? This variable is not defined in the file "ModbusTCPSlave.h" and is used, but "ModbusTCP.h" is included, which is where it is defined.

En 1/12/20 1:09


I have the same problem.

Has anyone found a solution??

En 10/8/20 11:11


Were you able to solve this problem?

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