Control of Public Spaces with PLC Arduino

Industrial Arduino for Public Spaces

Knowing the flow of people who enter in public spaces, like big squares, can be useful to know in advance the number of people who will assist at public events or demostrations. In order to anticipate, you have to analyze the previous data and take advantage of it. 

The anticipation consists in knowing, for example, how many police officers or ambulances will be needed for an event. It will also let you know people's trends and preferences; for example, which events will be the most crowded.


Why have we thought about this application? 

Nowadays, most of you are interested in the analysis of Big Data, because this fact can provide you a lot of information and let you know the environment better, take better decisions and have agility in internal management.

Basically, Big Data analysis consists of building models from observable patterns in large amounts of data. Models offer a better visualization of relational variables, making it much easier to extract useful information.


Control of Public Spaces with PLC Arduino


The aim of this project is to create a system which can collect the information from several sensors situated in the different accesses of a square and store it in data packages (registers). Due to the big amount of information, you need to transmit cyclically those registers in order to be sure that you have stored them in a safe way.

Conclusion (hardware)

To achieve your goal, let's design the structure of the system. We have thought in a simplified model because the main idea will be easier to understand and, starting from this point, you will be able to develop it for their specific applications. 

Firstly, we have chosen an Arduino based on industrial PLC automation with LoRa communication: M-DUINO PLC ARDUINO ETHERNET & LoRa 21 I/Os ANALOG/DIGITAL PLUS. This will be the brain of this system.

With this device, you can collect the information from the industrial controller and send it by LoRa to the cloud. The software used to program this PLC controller is Arduino automation IDE, an open source platform totally free.

To be able to detect the passage of people, you will install several photo-electric sensors which will return us a high voltage level. The Arduino PLC will interpret this pulse and will increase the counter (+1).  This counter will be our register and it  will be sent to the cloud to another general register.

In the adjacent picture, you can see clearly the system structure.


Control of Public Spaces with PLC Arduino


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