Coupon "byebye2018"

Since our prices have not changed for almost 5 years, we have decided to adjust them next year. A very small adjust.

That will be next year, but now you can benefit from this coupon.

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  • Last day, December 31st
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Why Our PLC Range ?

Our Automation products are based on Open Source Hardware. The M-Duino range is based on Arduino Leonardo and the 20IOs range is based on Arduino Mega. Our customers are using those PLC's in monitoring, control, automation, and in markets like farming, building machinery, chemicals, robotics and more.

These PLC's can be programmed using the Arduino IDE platform.  

  • Arduino IDE is the Original platform to program arduino boards
  • Soapbox Snap is a graphic platform to program arduino based PLCs
  • OPC Server application to connect full family of Industrial PLC to a network
  • RapidScada is a platform to monitoring and control an Installation automated through Industrial Shields products
  • Download our boards from here and start working with the right pinout.