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How to connect a 4-20 mA to 0-10 Vdc Analog inputs


Do you have a 4-20mA analog signal? You can use the diagram below to know how to connect it to the 0-10Vdc input.

The product families Ardbox Analog and Ethernet PLC have some analog /digital configurable input signals.

To do this it is necessary to connect an impedance of 500 between the analog 4-20mA signal and the ground signal as shown in the diagram. If you do, the analog value will change.


Ethernet or 20 I/Os PLC:

Ethernet PLC20 I/Os PLC

Industrial Shields Boards:

How to install the Industrial Shields Boards

How does the input value change to Arduino?

When you have a signal of 4-20mA for 10bits you get the following data:

4-20mA signal

10 bits


0 value


1023 value

but, if you convert this signal to 0-10Vdc, the results are:


0-10Vdc10 bits

204 value* (aproximately)


1023 value

(*) As you can see the result of 4mA (2Vdc), it is close to 204. Below is the linear graph where the results come from:

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