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An introduction to Node-Red


Node-Red is a programming tool for wiring together hardware devices, APIs and online services in new and interesting ways. It is very intuitive, easy and fast-programming. It is an excellent tool for working graphically.

It is programmed with a browser-based flow editing.

The strong point is that it allows to interact data from a software, hardware(like Arduino) using different protocols (like TCP) to a software/hardware. It is able to wire nodes, generate functions to process the data and much more interesting things like sending a Twitter message when an alarm has been activated for an example. 


This example shows the potential of this tool:

Each frame shows a different possibility that Node-Red can make. In the same program it can be many different communications as it is shown. On the left column in the first frame it appears a basic configuration of the PC. The second frame shows the Inbox of an email address and in the last one a Twitter tool. The second column shows the computer’s performance and like this it can be showing almost any IoT configuration.