Industrial Shields launches new ESP32 PLC
A range of industrial PLC based on the ESP32 board comes to market
2 March, 2021 by
Industrial Shields launches new ESP32 PLC
Boot & Work Corp. S.L., Sonia Gabarro

ESP32 PLC arrives at Industrial Shields

Industrial Shields is launching a new range of industrial PLCs based on the powerful and versatile ESP32 board. This new family of products joins Industrial Shields Arduino and Raspberry Pi-based controllers and diversifies the company's industrial automation solutions.

With the inclusion of the ESP32 board, the Industrial Shields catalogue has been extended with 13 new controllers, which have similar references to those of the M-Duino family: 21, 42, 58, 19R, 38R, 57R, 38AR+, 53AAR+, 57AAR+, 54ARA+ and 50RRA+.

In addition, this board is also included in the 10 IOs ESP32 Digital and Relay modules.

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As far as technical features are concerned, the industrial ESP32 PLC has industrial communications such as Ethernet, RS485, Serial Port, I2C, SPI and Modbus (RTU - TCP). 

In terms of wireless communications, the devices are equipped with WiFi and Bluetooth LE.


The new ESP32 PLC controllers are now available for pre-order and will start to be delivered next May.

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Industrial Shields launches new ESP32 PLC
Boot & Work Corp. S.L., Sonia Gabarro
2 March, 2021
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