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How to control an ESP32 industrial controller via Bluetooth

Boot & Work Corp. S.L., Dani Salvans Quesada
December 2020 — 263 views 10 I/Os ESP32 Industrial IndustrialShields bluetooth

How to program the 10 I/Os ESP32 industrial PLC via WiFI

Boot & Work Corp. S.L., Guillem Cura Marti
December 2020 — 499 views 10 I/Os Arduino IDE ESP32 Programming Wifi

Issues while connecting the WiFi module on industrial PLC?

Boot & Work Corp. S.L., Support Team
November 2019 — 1315 views Ardbox WIFI Compile Driver ESP32 M-Duino WIFI Wifi

WiFi / Bluetooth Module ESP32

Serzh Ohanyan
May 2019 — 14227 views ESP32 arduino

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